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Did you know that the allergens and pesticides emitted by certain cleaning products can cause allergies, or gradually make you asthmatic? Choosing the right products is essential, while changing a few things in your cleaning routine can help improve the air quality in your home. It’s a simple way to improve the general well-being of you and your entire family!

1- Favor ecological and fully biodegradable products: Providing cleaning products that are respectful of the environment does not only mean paying attention to what’s in them. Beyond only using natural ingredients that are non-carcinogenic as well as hypoallergenic, Biovert products are designed to the highest industry standards to guarantee they deliver the most environmental benefits possible.

2- Avoid using cleaning products that contain dyes: Dyes are often created from petrochemical products and can be contaminated with traces of heavy metals which can negatively affect our health.

3- Get rid of dust as quickly as possible because it contains spores and pollen that can remain suspended in the air and be harmful to our health.

4- Think about green plants²: Plants alone cannot make the air in your home 100% pure, but with adequate ventilation, they can really help. A few common houseplants that purify the air include aloe, dracaena, English ivy, spider plant, rubber plant, sansevieria and Boston fern to name a few.

5- Open the windows to ventilate the air in your home: Spring is the perfect time to air out the house and clean the windows. What better way to welcome the return of warm and sunny days!

6- Avoid all types of smoke indoors: While our minds may go specifically to cigarette smoke, any type of smoke is harmful, including that from candles and incense burners.

7- Use the kitchen hood: Cooking can be harmful to air quality because it can cause the emission of organic compounds which are sometimes toxic.

8- Wash all bedding in very hot water: It’s the single best way to kill dust mites, who probably like your bed as much as you do… but they have to go because they pollute the air in your home.

9- Eliminate dust form everywhere: Following are the spring cleaning must-do’s to completely rid your home of dust. Clean the tops of frames and moldings, closet floors, the attic, telephones, doormats and rugs, the BBQ grill, garage and shed. Lastly, sweeping under the fridge  and stove every now and then to remove dust is also important.

Biovert ensures you have peace of mind by always being transparent about each of the certified environmental benefits of its products. We help you take care of the people you love with gentle toxin-free products that meet our highest environmental standards.