The benefits of our eco-friendly cleaning products

Philosophy and commitment

The benefits of Biovert’s eco-friendly cleaning products are numerous! Having a low impact on the environment, our laundry products, cleaners, dishwashing products and hand soaps are also safe for your health.

And because we believe that it is always possible to do more, Biovert also has put forward a sustainable development policy, to constantly improve its environmental, social and economic performance.

Environmental certifications

For consumers who today face a proliferation of logos and environmental claims, it is important to distinguish between self-declared environmental and official logos related to reliable and verifiable certifications. Biovert is committed to staying transparent and providing peace of mind by certifying each of the environmental benefits of its products to the highest environmental standards.

To date, in Canada, there is
only one recognized environmental certification: EcoLogo®

All Biovert products are ECOLOGO® certified.
Furthermore, our products are approved by Health Canada for use in food manufacturing plants.

cleaning reinvented!

We know it well: some bacteria and microorganisms present in the environment are beneficial for our health. However, the majority of commercially available household cleaning products have antimicrobial properties that eliminate 99.9% of bacteria. What many people do not know is that the use of these products causes a significant biological imbalance and increases the risk of bacterial infections.

The health of your family is important to us. That’s why Biovert offers powerful cleaning products, ecological and above all… probiotics! Indeed, probiotics are not beneficial only in food! Part of Biovert All-Purpose Cleaner, they help eliminate odors, maintain a clean, healthy environment, and are safe for humans and animals.

Revive your space

Make your environment shine with Biovert’s household cleaning products. A range of biodegradable cleaning products, made in Canada and certified to have a reduced impact on the environment. An effective way to refresh your home, while making sure to use only products that are efficient and safe for your family.


Environmental value

Biovert offers you the Environmental Value of all its eco-friendly cleaning products. Available on all Biovert packaging, this unique and exclusive tool will help you make more informed and responsible purchases by informing you about the content and benefits of Biovert cleaning products.

By reading the Biovert Environmental Value, you can ensure that you have in your hands a product that respects the environment and your health.

Environmental research and development

Since technological advances in environmental matters are multiplying every day, Biovert has its own research and development department that allows it to remain among the pioneers in the field of ecological and biodegradable cleaning products. This team of experts ensures control over the quality and benefits of its products while remaining on the lookout for new developments that allow for continuous improvement.