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Made Here

Did you know that only 33 percent of the food we eat comes from Quebec? In Canada, we import approximately 53 per cent of almost all the vegetables and fruits we consume. Not surprisingly, our food travels about 4,500 miles before it reaches our plates. In addition, 60 per cent of the farmed fish we eat comes from China as most of our apple juice and garlic. Lastly, of each $100 spent per Quebecer on ​​online sales, only $28 spent per Quebecer goes to sites from Quebec, Canada.

For Our Economy

It is a fact, buying local products helps and stimulates our economy. The more small businesses succeed, the more there are jobs available. When you encourage companies in your area, your province and even your country it is a given that many Canadians win. However, is this true for all types of products? Local food is obviously more fresh than imported and Quebec bikes and clothing are known for their very good quality. In addition, eco-friendly cleaning products are effective and affordable in Quebec. So why choose products from elsewhere when there are excellent manufactured products made here? Many variables for each product must be considered before answering but in the majority of cases buying local is more advantageous.

For Our Environment

A product made ​​in China may initially seem less expensive but when calculating all costs (taxes, customs, transport, delay, impact on our environment, etc.) manufactures from here seem like a better option. Not to mention that most products travel many many miles before being purchased, are low quality, are more harmful to our environment due to greenhouse gas emissions and are over packaged.

In Europe, local purchases are rooted into the European culture but in Canada it is often the reasoning of the lowest price that trumps other aspects. We must revise our thinking.

In conclusion, to promote our economy and to protect our environment buying products made here is a wise decision.

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