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Protect our Drinking Water!

Did you know that only one-fortieth of the water on our beautiful planet is fresh? In Canada, we sometimes forget the importance of drinking water since rivers surround us. However, the problem of the shortage of drinking water does not lie at the country level but at the worldwide level. Nearly a billion people worldwide lack access to safe drinking water and 2.5 billion do not have an adequate sanitation system. In addition, hundreds of millions of underprivileged individuals are facing serious problems related to water and the result is that nearly 2 million children die each year from the lack of water and nearly 8 million die from diseases caused by contaminated water.

Not a minute, nor a drop of water to lose!

Today the management of water resources and aquatic ecosystems is one of humanity’s major challenges. This is why it is so important for us to be reminded of this pressing issue. Climate change is making our sources of fresh water less secure and the increase in world population is placing increased pressure on this valuable resource. Certainly, groundwater is a source of running drinking water, but groundwater can quickly become contaminated by pollution.

Choose Eco-Friendly Products

By domesticating water, man has been able to create energy and grow crops that have aided evolution, but by doing so it has compromised the potability of water. To remedy this problem, the power of individuals is to choose products that reduce their ecological footprint. Also, understanding the composition of the products to see if they are toxic to the environment is fundamental. For example, avoid the use of products in contact with bleach, nonylphenol ethoxylates, phosphates, chlorine, alcohol or hydrochloric acid. This list is not exhaustive, but already, all these ingredients are harmful to aquatic fauna and flora. An ecological certification you can trust is EcoLogo.  This label ensures that certified household products do not use any ingredients that are toxic.

How do you use water wisely? Please share your water reducing tips with us! Thank you for taking care of this precious, rare and fragile resource.