Which 2014 resolutions can you make to do your part for the environment? The effects of global warming are very real, interdependent and growing. However, have you ever thought of its effect on your very own health or the health of your family?

While evidence has shown that pollution has some effect on respiratory diseases and allergies, heat waves and droughts have caused numerous deaths while also reducing drinking water supplies. In addition, floods and storms can cause injury and a lot of fear in the communities they hit. Sadly, extreme temperatures are mainly responsible for contamination and epidemic outbreaks of infectious diseases. Another effect is the thinning of the ozone layer, which can cause sunburn, skin cancer and cataracts. Lastly, agriculture is affected by global warming and consequently the whole food chain!

We certainly do not want to start the year on a negative note, therefore please see below ideas on how to combat global warming. Concretely, we must reduce our greenhouse emissions and adapt as much as possible to climate change:

We must remember that humanity lives on planet earth. This planet is affected when its various life forms suffer the consequences. We must all do our part – every action, small or large, can make a difference.

Source: Le Devoir, UN

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