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Ecologo®: the only recognized environmental certification

The EcoLogo® program, established by the Government of Canada in 1988, certifies environmental products and services in more than 120 categories, including cleaning products. EcoLogo® certifies sustainable products and services on the basis of several criteria relating to each category of products and services.

It is important to note that in addition to environmental criteria, EcoLogo also evaluates the effectiveness of products.

In other words, an EcoLogo certified product is an environmental choice whose effectiveness has been tested.

The EcoLogo program is internationally recognized. It is analyzed by the Global Ecolabelling Network (GEN) and it meets the ISO 14024 eco-certification criteria.

To obtain EcoLogo® certification, products are evaluated within environmental criteria such as reduction of hydric or atmospheric pollutants, reduction of energy consumption and green house gases (GHG), better management of residual waste and various ways to protect the environment. This certification guarantees the product conforms to its category requirements based on the product’s life cycle.

Strict guidelines

The Canadian EcoLogo® program helps consumers recognize products and services independently certified that respect strict environmental guidelines within the full life cycle of the product, from production to waste. EcoLogo® guidelines are established so that only 20% of all products on the market are certified.

To obtain EcoLogo® certification, the product is evaluated within precise environmental criteria:

  • the reduction of impact on the aquatic environment
  • prohibition of dangerous substances to health and the environment in the composition of products
  • biodegradability in 28 days and respect of recycling techniques for a better environment
  • proven effectiveness of the products

All Biovert products are ECOLOGO® certified. Furthermore, our products are approved by Health Canada for use in food manufacturing plants.