Ecologo®: the only recognized environmental certification

The EcoLogo® program, established by the Government of Canada in 1988, certifies environmental products and services in more than 120 categories, including cleaning products. EcoLogo® certifies sustainable products and services on the basis of several criteria relating to each category of products and services. It is important to note that in addition to environmental criteria, EcoLogo also evaluates the effectiveness of […]


TIPS AND TRICKS TO IMPROVE AIR QUALITY IN YOUR HOME WITH BIOVERT! Did you know that the allergens and pesticides emitted by certain cleaning products can cause allergies, or gradually make you asthmatic? Choosing the right products is essential, while changing a few things in your cleaning routine can help improve the air quality in […]

When You Throw it Away…

Did you know that, in Canada, 34 million tons of waste is generated each year? Half of that waste ends up in landfills when 93 per cent could be either recycled or composted. Fortunately, awareness Waste Reduction week is in October. The week will offer all kinds of activities along with recommendations to apply all […]

Made Here

Did you know that only 33 percent of the food we eat comes from Quebec? In Canada, we import approximately 53 per cent of almost all the vegetables and fruits we consume. Not surprisingly, our food travels about 4,500 miles before it reaches our plates. In addition, 60 per cent of the farmed fish we […]

Climate Change and Health

The Effects of Climate Change on Your Health. Which resolutions can you make to do your part for the environment? The effects of global warming are very real, interdependent and growing. However, have you ever thought of its effect on your very own health or the health of your family? While evidence has shown that […]

Protect our Drinking Water!

Did you know that only one-fortieth of the water on our beautiful planet is fresh? In Canada, we sometimes forget the importance of drinking water since rivers surround us. However, the problem of the shortage of drinking water does not lie at the country level but at the worldwide level. Nearly a billion people worldwide […]